I’m going to Cedar Rapids, Iowa to perform. Why Iowa? I am on a quest to perform a library program in each of the 50 States. Last year I added Hawaii to the list (Lawelawe hiʻialo!). I’m so excited. 5 shows in 24 hours. He doesn’t know it but my 12 year old nephew Matthew will be accompanying me (Matthew, if you’re reading this, surprise! And pack your bags, kid. We’re going on an adventure!).

I love performing my balloon magic show, especially in libraries. Entertaining kids in Boston is great, and now I hope to bring a bit of Massachusetts spirit with me. We’ll be seeing a Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley when we land, grab some corn dogs along the way, then onto Cedar Rapid. I’m pumped. Balloons, magic, Iowa!

Jungle Jim performs in libraries all across the world