Jungle Jim is dedicated to providing an amazing and unique entertainment experience for the families that we serve.

We strive to...

Help create fantastical memories for children

Give clients a great customer service experience

Create original entertainment for families that they won’t see anywhere else

Educate children with a medium that truly captures their attention

Make a difference with our entertainment

Change the world one balloon at a time…

"Jim, you do WHAT for a living? How does that work?"

This is the question that Jim is asked most frequently about his chosen profession.  And he’s not shy to tell you about it. Jim was a slightly lost, yet confident soul in 2003, working at the Wang Center in Boston. He was running arts programs for underprivileged youth in Massachusetts when the program abruptly ended. Serendipitously, fate stepped in and Jim won a round-trip plane ticket to go anywhere in the world. Debating between Cleveland and Australia, Jim elected the latter and it’s a good thing that he did.

Jim used the opportunity to figure out what he wanted to do with his life. While he mulled different options (watermelon salesman, crocodile wrangler, accountant), nothing seemed to fit. That’s when he met a couple of great Aboriginal kids in the Outback. You see, Jim had twisted balloons since he was 19 and ever since using them as a learning tool teaching ESL in South Korea, he had always brought them with him wherever he went. At the time, Jim made simple balloons, but these children, being in such a remote location, had never seen anything like it before. They invited him back to their village, and Jim spent the day twisting for them and their friends. It was at this point a light bulb went on, and Jim realized what he should do – accounting. Fortunately, Jim’s friend Nils shook him a few times, and Jim realized what he should actually do was family entertainment. After visiting the rain forests of Northern Queensland, the name “Jungle Jim” was born.

And so now you’re here visiting our website. And we’re delighted! Jungle Jim’s specializes in amazing entertainment for children between the ages of 3 – 10 and the grown ups who belong to them. We do a few things really well:

Birthday Parties – Balloon Magic, Star Wars, and Harry Potter are our three birthday themes (we toyed with a fruit and vegetables theme, but it really didn’t test well). What we really specialize in, though, is keeping your child and his or her 20 best friends from turning your home into a Level Five disaster area. We entertain the children; we keep them seated, behaving, and laughing longer than anyone  should reasonably expect. And when it gets down to it, we provide better memories of their birthday for you and them then ever before.

Libraries – Library performances mean a lot to me. When I was a child, I was shy and had few friends. The one thing that got me through those tough times, my one saving grace, was books. I spent every summer of my childhood at the library. I loved everything about it. That’s why I love performing in libraries. I get to share my joy of books and where they can take you with enthusiastic, excited children. I get to fire kids up about reading and what the library has in store for them. Its why I chose balloons as my medium. To me, books can take you anywhere you want to go. With balloons, there isn’t anything I can’t create, and I prepare these balloon props ahead of time so as to bring the audience into the world of the show.

Balloon Twisting – In 2006, Jim (a novice twister at the time) got the call to, as we say in balloon parlance, The Show. He was invited to be a part of Balloon Manor, a project involving dozens of professional balloon artists with one common goal: build the world’s largest balloon haunted house. Jim was amazed when he got there. His knowledge of balloon twisting to that point revolved around a couple of dozen sculptures. He entered a world where 8-foot vampires, life-like spiders, and rows of skeletons lay before him – all made out of balloons. And now we are delighted to bring that magic to you!